Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday's Ways Not To Die

This is a subject I've brought up before and if you're a horror fan you surely know what I'm talking about - we sift through a whole lotta excrement for teeny tiny specks of gold. Hours upon hours upon hours of my life have been wasted watching completely horrible attempts at making a movie - sometimes you wonder if these people are even holding the camera in the right direction, and if they are, maybe could they just turn it around and film the craft services table instead, because something, anything, going on that way has got to be more fascinating then what they are actually filming - but then wham, a moment happens, and maybe the entire excruciating experience isn't forgiven, but you feel a smidge better. Like you've actually suffered in the name of something. Like you're Jesus, and shit.

Anyway, such a moment happens about 3/4s of the way into the execrable 2008 remake of Larry Cohen's itself-rather-exhausting It's Alive (a previous recipient of a Ways Not To Die itself) and I am just going to spoil it for you because really, I suffered through the film so you do not have to. Rejoice in my name. And shit.

Here goes: blah blah mom (played by Bijou Phillips) has her evil baby, blah blah baby starts rampagin', blah blah mom's friend comes over to spell out to us the bullshit reason why the baby's evil (mom tried to abort the baby with some janky pill and it didn't work, the end), blah blah mom and friend fight, blah friend leaves, blah friend hears a weird noise in the back of her pick-up and goes to investigate...

It's Alive (2008)

It's maybe a little difficult to tell what's happening there - hard to believe a movie this unbearable might have shoddy CG as well, isn't it? - so let me just spell it out: the baby's fist is exploding out the lady's mouth. It apparently has punched through her head. Nevermind that on top of being super-strong and carnivorous this baby must also have Inspector Gadget-esque Extendo-Arms to be able to reach all the way through a full-grown lady's head - logic aside (and I can't even believe I'm invoking the word "logic" in relation to this film), it's a baby punching through a lady's head. That's a fucking keeper.

As an aside, this is something I was trying to discern while watching this movie (since the film itself could hardly keep my interest) - why the hell do I like Bijou Phillips? I do, I like her a bunch, she's the reason I even wanted to watch this movie in the first place, and I have no idea why. NO IDEA. She just inexplicably charms me. It's a mystery! So let's perform a highly scientific test...



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Tweenage Dirtbag said...

Speaking of great deaths in shitty movies, this weekend I saw the AWFUL MTV original movie "My Super Psycho Sweet 16", which was awful, naturally, but featured a truly awesome death:
A teenager on rollerskates (the titular Sweet 16 takes place at a roller rink, you see) is rushing to warn the rest of the party about the killer, when the killer pops out and chops her head right off with an ax. AND THEN, somehow, her headless body manages to maintain its composure and stand upright, rolling along on the rollerskates, until the corpse flies into a giant cake made out of sushi! And it's all shown in slow motion! Highly recommended for all.