Monday, October 05, 2009

They're Just Messing With Me Now

There's a new batch of stills from The Stepfather remake over at BD and I swear they're just effing with my head, feeding my want for this movie to be something it presumably will not be... I mean look at this noise:

Good grief. And then there's this shot from the trailer:

Gratuitous Penn-in-the-shower moment! I've brought this up before but in the original film there's a really pervy scene where Terry Quinn, the original Stepfather, spies on his step-daughter in the shower. I've brought this up before because I've expressed a desire, now that the step-daughter role was recast with a step-son played by Penn Badgley, for that scene to remain, only with the homosexual twist this recasting would bring. And now I see they're hinting at the possibility... only inevitably to not go there... I know you're not gonna go there, movie! So stop messing with my head. Ugh.


Joe Reid said...

You're really gone allllll the way around the bend on this one, huh?

J.D. said...

There'll always be the inevitable flood of slash.