Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sex Good Bai

Over at Cinematical they've outdone themselves this time - they got MNPP's butterfly-pet Bai Ling to list and then discuss her seven favorite sex scenes of her own on film. Says the International Crazy Lady of her mad-hump on Tony Leung Ka-Fai in the delightful horror film Dumplings:

""She's so mischievous and provocative; she's making her dumplings but her whole life is like making love. Every being that encounters her, she has the mischievous task of seducing them, very erotically. For me, love is a transformative energy to focus on a person or thing that can be changeable. It can be him, it can be her, it can be this and that. For this character, she can fall in love with her dumplings, fall in love with a stranger, she can seduce anything. She puts a spell on you.

It has the most primitive love scene ever in history of movies. Tony Leung Ka-Fai is a sex symbol in Asia, and I made love with him in Dumplings. It is so f***ing raw, and I loved it. It's passionate, it's crazy. That's one I enjoyed filming because it had pain – I saw myself and the corner of the table kept moving – and he tore my clothes off and broke my clothes. It's brutally, brutally primitive and honest.""

What could I possibly add to that? And that's only her first pick, there are six more! So go and read, you fools! Time's a' wasting!

As for Tony Leung Kai-Fai, well I can hardly allow this moment to pass without devoting a little love lust at him. First off, he is not the other Tony Leung, star of Hero and In the Mood For Love and Lust, Caution and Infernal Affairs and I could keep going (although to complicate matters they both starred in Won Kar Wai's film Ashes of Time). No, I first saw this Bai-Ling-baptized Tony Leung in that 1992 pretend-classy-but-really-just-a-raunch-fest The Lover opposite Jane March.

Well, I saw part of him at least...

... and it was love at first sight!

Who, me, predictable? Never. Anyway, he's been in loads of films in Asia over the past couple of decades and is a fairly big star out there. Not as big as the other Tony Leung, but big. And worth glaring at a for a moment too.



Sean T. Collins said...

Wow: Years ago, worlds apart, both of us were freeze-framing and slow-mo'ing The Lover, just at slightly different times.

Jason Adams said...

We were just like those filthy rats in An American Tale, only instead of prayers and pale moonlight we were looking at the same T&A.

Taffy said...

Why thank you! I love glaring at him!

J.D. said...

If ever I wanted to see a sex tape of two people with the same name...