Monday, October 05, 2009

I Am Link

--- Da Boo - Surprisingly absolutely no one, Paranormal Activity is doing very well and will be opening on many more screens this approaching Friday. More importantly, this means it will be playing now at hours other than Midnight, meaning I might go and see it again. That first screening almost killed me, and it didn't even take a demon - just a poorly managed theatrical event.

--- Da Bride - Quentin Tarantino is still talking about doing a third Kill Bill film, and now he's offered some details. I maintain a healthy sense of disbelief - if there's on thing QT likes to do, it's talk. And talk. And talk talk talk talk talk.

--- Da Nuts - Head over here and watch the trailer for the remake of Romero's The Crazies, although you should know it's awfully spoilery if you've never seen the original film. It looks better than I expected. Timothy Olyphant looks as hot as expected. Which is very. VERY.

--- Da Voorhees - Talk is ramping up about a second new Friday the 13th film (which would actually mark the illustrious 13th film in the whole series!) to come out on August 13th, 2010. They have the date but no script, director, cast, etc, etc, etc, although anyone who would find that shocking has never breathed breath before. Anyway as long as it's not Marcus Nispel directing I'll be interested in it.

--- Da Laughing Windows - In a very odd development further clouding my confusion over where Stacie Ponder ends and I begin, she reviewed the pretty obscure 1976 Italian horror film The House with the Laughing Windows yesterday, which was also the day that I watched the film for the very first time, completely unaware of her simultaneous review. That is weird, man. Anyway, we both liked the flick, and she explains why. With screen-grabs! Very pretty, disturbing film.

--- And finally, my bud Steven has reopened The Horror Blog for the month of October and will be posting the Top Ten Horror Movies lists of various bloggers. You should go to there.

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