Thursday, October 01, 2009

He Also Has Some Property In Florida For Sale

Oh Quentin. I will believe this one when I am shelling out my fifty dollars for my ticket (because that's what movies will cost in the year Never). Via Slash:

"In [a TV] interview... the Italian host asks Tarantino about a couple of sequel possibilities. He says ‘maybe’ to a Basterds prequel, “uh, no…it’ll never happen” to a Pulp Fiction sequel (sorry, Vega Brothers fans) and then, and this is the important part, says “but you didn’t ask the third thing. Would I ever do a third…a Kill Bill, Volume 3?” The woman looks taken aback, then asks the question. Will you do Kill Bill 3? “Yes!” And the crowd goes wild."

Oh, crowd. You fools.

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Wayne B said...

Hey this possibly could be Daryl Hannah's chance at an Oscar nomination!