Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Gratuitous Jeremy Sisto

Today is Mr. Sisto's 35th birthday, so I figured I'd give him a little love since he's one I don't believe I've shot my love-wad onto before (too early for that kinda talk?). He's had an odd career and I don't always like him in things, but he's got two notches on his belt that make him forever a part of my cinematic appreciations: Elton in Clueless and Adam in May.

And I think he gave a pretty terrific - and unsung - performance in Thirteen; the ladies stole the show there but he was great.

And even though I still haven't gotten around to watching this show (I know), he appears to have aged fifteen years in the span of his run on Six Feet Under...

... right? Isn't that weird? The show only lasted five seasons and he looks so much older in the later ones. Hrm. Was that part of the storyline? Anyway, I guess it happens to us all. Sigh. Anyway a happy birthday to him, and a happy gratuity to the rest of us...


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Jwise said...

His scene with the chicken in "Thirteen" is a particular fave of mine