Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Education in 150 Words or Less

Slighter than I anticipated but filled with terrific performances. Carey Mulligan's the real deal and I'm supa-psyched she's the lead in Never Let Me Go now that I've seen what she's capable of. Was a little distracted by Peter Sarsgaard's accent and the fact that you know from the start by virtue of the character being played by Peter Sarsgaard that the dude's a creep. Emma Thompson was very funny but I expected more from the part, what with the chatter I'd heard.

The real stand-outs for me, beside Mulligan, were Dom Cooper in his Godard-approved wardrobe - seriously, look up dreamboat in the dictionary and he'll be swanning around in that suit and scarf next to it - and Olivia Williams, dear dear Olivia, who wrung the only tear the film got from me with her last line.



Anonymous said...

How was Rosamund Pike?

I'm glad Olivia Williams is a stand-out. She's the only thing about Dollhouse I find remotely interesting anymore...

Jason Adams said...

Pike was good but her character was a little one-note. She made that note very funny and sold it, but there were times when I rolled my eyes at just how dumb they were making this character be.

richardwatts said...

Having been blown away by Carey Mulligan as Sally Sparrow in the Doctor Who episode 'Blink' I knew she would be good in this, but yes, Olivia Williams was fantastic - absolute gold despite playing such a relatively minor role.

Anonymous said...

Sally Sparrow, and Ada Clare in Bleak House, mind. Absolutely heart-melting.

But Sarsgaard as shorthand for "creepy"? Huh. I thought that's what Cooper was for.

Good to see Williams getting more work.