Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who Let PSH In?

Via Slash/Film:

"There’s a very good chance to Philip Seymour Hoffman will be joining the cast of Matt Reeves’ American remake of Let the Right One In, still possibly due to be titled Let Me In. Already on board as Owen, formerly known as Oskar, is Kody Smit McPhee, the little lad from The Road.

... There’s no word at all on his role, but there seem to be a couple of great candidates. I feel he would most likely be cast as the character formerly known as Hakan, the mentor-father-lover to Eli Abby, which would definitely be the bigger role. On the other hand, he seems a fair match for the character formerly known as Lacke, though it’s a less dramatic piece and possibly not the kind of thing Hoffman would be tagged for just in terms of scale and screen time."

... The rumour of Hoffman’s casting came to me directly and personally a couple of nights back, though this of course prompted a wave of Googling. What I could find, and consider most interesting, is the film’s page on the New York Times movie database which lists the two kids I named above and Hoffman as being the only three known members of the cast line-up."

If there is truth to this rumor I can't imagine Hoffman not taking the role of Hakan (heartbreakingly played by Per Ragnar in the original), which is the far meatier part of the two adult men. Though there is a lot more of Lacke in the book than there is in the original film so I suppose it depends on what the script for the remake is like.

I am generally pro-PSH (though I did have an anti- period with him when he stole Heath Ledger's Oscar) so his possible involvement in the remake could be another positive sign that this won't be as horrible as it could possibly be. We'll see. If they can make their own creature and not tread too heavily in the footsteps of the amazing, amazing original then perhaps there will be something to be had. Perhaps. Something. Perhaps.

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Why do they have to remake this? Because american audiences aren't capable or too lazy to read subtitles? The original was perfect and the performances and cast were excellent.