Thursday, September 10, 2009

What The Ghoul

Yesterday, after I posted that news about the low-budget horror-flick Paranormal Activity finally getting a solid release date of Septmber 25th - 15 days now! - BD went and updated their original post saying that Paramount's website, where they got their info from, had removed the reference to that date. I'm not sure what they're talking about since as far as I can tell it still says September 25th. But my worries do survive since that date is soooo soon and there's not gonna be any time for getting trailers or posters out in the public eye before that at this point, and on top of that Paramount seems to actually believe in the film as is. Says a second post at BD:

"DreamWorks, under Paramount, bought [Paranormal] with the intention of remaking it with the original director," [producer Steve] Schneider says. "We had test screenings built into the deal, so we could discern what needed to be redone in the remake. But the movie tested so well, they decided that it would be the height of folly to remake a mock-doc-type film with unknown actors.""

So I am worried that the release date might not stick. Worried! And worry leads to sleepless nights and that leads to me being grumpy. And grumpy me leads to homicide. We don't want that, do we, Paramount? Make me happy then. Or else!


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Anonymous said...

15 days does seem like an awfully short time to get advertising up and running on this thing. Maybe they'll sneak it a few places to build word of mouth and release it wide later? Fingers crossed.

Mike z said...

The trailer seems to have vanished from the Interwebs.