Monday, September 21, 2009

Obscure Screams


Oh embarrassment! Total Film made a list of the 20 Greatest Horror Films You've Never Seen and for me it reads more like the 20 Greatest Horror Films I've Never Even Heard Of. I am a flop! A flop. Shoot me in the face I am finished.

So seriously, I've seen just four of the films listed. And a hefty chunk of the rest I have not even heard of. Only a few are available via Netflix. The rest seem lost in obscurity, for the time being at least.

But I have to give TF big props for that - half of the time when I see lists like this, promising unheard-of gems, they go on about Carnival of Souls or some other flick that any horror-lover worth their weight in arterial-spray has seen a dozen times over. But this list to my eyes is for the most part the real deal.

So check it out if you care about such things!
And if you don't care, start caring about such things!
(thanks for the heads-up, Wayne!)


Cambel said...

Wow, great list!

Taffy said...

I've seen 8 of them but that still leaves 12 that I haven't, so that makes it a pretty good list

Wayne B said...

No prob JA. I figured a horror devotee like yourself would want to see it. :)

Anonymous said...

I think I have only seen two. Viy and Infernio.

Ross said...

Shock? Really? Well, it does have Daria, but that was the only thing that kept me going. Dead of Night, however, is one of my all time favorites. The hubbie turned me on to it, as well as Lemora, which I have to say was also quite good.