Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Never Too Much Thomas Kretschmann! Never!


While there are worse ways to spend one's morning than rifling through an endless array of glamor shots of Thomas Kretschmann, I hadn't realized until I was nose-deep that I'd collected such an large bunch of shots of him on my computer. I'm sharing here just, approximately, 1/1 billionth of the pictures clotting my hard drive. Yes, 1/1 billionth. I guess that's a good thing... I mean, of course it's a good thing... it means I'll never run out of them to post. I know I never get tired of staring. And if you click on his name at the end of this post you'll find bunches more. What can I say... I am dedicated to Mr. Kretschmann, I am. Happy 47th birthday, my lovely German paramour!



Ross said...

My goodness, he's old enough to be your father! He is, however, the perfect age for me. ;o)

Jason Adams said...

I guess that technically 15 is old enough to have a child, but regardless - I do not support your thesis. HE IS MINE.

WhiskeyRiver said...

Kretschmann is sooo fucking fine! In anything,..or not in anything.Bare naked,or not bare naked.I dont care!
There are two besutiful Germans,..Thomas Kretschmann and Manfred von Richthofen.Sigh,..those gorgeous Aryan boys,..