Monday, September 28, 2009

"Moose? As in...?"


Happy 45, Janeane Garofalo.


Wayne B said...

She was the only reason I watched "Mystery Men." I can't believe I just (said? wrote?) that out loud.

Jwise said...

1. I can't believe I forgot her birthday
2. I can't believe you picked my favorite scene from her career to celebrate

Jason Adams said...

I love this scene and it was the first thing to pop into my head today but I have two others of hers I love more - the fake coming out scene in Reality Bites where she pretends to be Steve Zahn's mother, and the scene in WHAS where they tear the nurse's office to shreds looking for the phone. I have to pause the movies after either of these scenes because I begin to hyperventilate every time.

Kirk said...

So, what then, Slacks? Pants?