Monday, September 21, 2009

The Informant! in 150 Words or Less

Not to discredit the other components of this wonderful movie - terrific performances, and the casting of comedians in small serious roles was a brilliant tactic - but this is a movie that goes from swell to classic on the strength of its soundtrack.

If you've read anything on the film then you've heard mention made of Marvin Hamlisch's score and it can't be downplayed how delightful, and important, the score is. Because it's precisely the incongruency between the peppy music out of an episode of Laugh In and the dour proceedings - the hypnotic dullness of Matt Damon's ties! - that elevates the film to the bizarre heights of wonderful weirdness in which it resides.

Add to the music Damon's astonishing voice-over that rambles about nonsense over important happenings and we've got a film writ genius on the strength of the vibrations coming out of the speakers.

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Unknown said...

The Informant (2009) movie was success one and i like to feel it more than watching fantasy goofy stuffs. ok, guys , it is true this is based on the true story but really this will be marvelous one.