Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Ain't 'Fraid A No Ghosts


Well the info about free screenings for Paranormal Activity
is beginning to trickle out...

... if you live in Los Angeles, head to BD for info!

... if you live in Boston, head to Dread Central for info!

... if you live in NYC, head to STYD for info!

I'm too lazy to look up the other cities, but I'm sure if you pay attention to the film's site or its Twitter you can find that out. Boo to the ya, yo.


dashdog said...

Boo hoo to me! Paranormal Activity is only showing in major cities -- not out here in Pennsylvania. People who live in smaller cities must be too skeptical to believe in ghosts...we're an afterthought! Although, "Splice," the Guillermo Del Toro produced sci-fi is sneaking into theaters this Friday with zero hoopla...will it suck? And should I see that before "Jennifer's Body?" A dilemma!

shaun said...

I am so excited. Boston here....I was worried that it was going to be on Friday, the day I head out of town...Thursday night works out perfectly...hubby and I will be there plenty early!

Jason Adams said...

It is showing Sept. 25th apparently at:

"State College, Pennsylvania (Premiere College 9)"

I dunno where that is or where you are though, dashdog. And I haven't seen any further info beyond that yet, but check the movie's website. They do seem to want to get it playing wider, you can try and get that done via the website.

I can't believe Splice is coming out this weekend! When did that happen? I had NO idea! Ack!

dashdog said...

Hope I'm not wrong about Splice, but that's what my Fandangit confirms about Friday's openings. I appreciate the info on State College, PA -- that's a big college town 3 hours away from me in New Hope, PA -- call me a Debbie Downer but that's too far to drive to see this movie. I'll just have to learn to be patient until P.A. opens wide. Not easy for me when it comes to movies. Thanks, JA!

Stacie Ponder said...