Friday, September 18, 2009

Dumped Creek

So apparently there's some movie called Blood Creek by oft-hack Joel Schumacher being released in like a dozen dollar theaters this weekend with absolutely no fanfare... hell, "no fanfare" is an exaggeration for what the movie's gotten - Lionsgate seems downright embarrassed by it. Mr. Schumacher's name doesn't instill me with much enthusiasm - although to be fair he did give the world the gift that is Colin Farrell with Tigerland - but then I went and read some bits about this Blood Creek movie and it hit a few of my sweet spots, I must admit. Via here:

"... the cast includes Dominic Purcell of TV's "Prison Break" and Michael Fassbender, now onscreen as Lt. Archie Hicox in "Inglourious Basterds."

... "Blood Creek" is an occult story with origins in the Third Reich."

I do not like Purcell but I think I maybe have mentioned a liking for this Fassbender chap lately? And according the film's IMDb page - it's listed as Town Creek on IMDb, I guess they changed the title - it also has Henry effin' Cavill in it! Pretty prettiness! And it's a Hitler Horror movie. I am suddenly unhappy that this movie's been so unceremoniously dumped, and will keep my eyes peeled for it on DVD then. Harumph!

And speaking of horror films being dumped this weekend, anybody heard or seen anything more on Splice, the Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody movie I posted about the other day? I still see no info anywhere even though its release date is still listed for today. Boo! Me want!

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FDot said...

From what I can tell, Splice opens up overseas on September 30, North America has been an issue since the production company that made it is having financial troubles.

It is playing at the Sitges festival in October if you fancy a trip to Spain.