Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Crazed Fandom I Can Cosign

Ahhh such a sweet sweet way to start the morning, this! But man... the people who love Jared Padalecki... they are dedicated, ain't they? I do not mean to slight; I concur that he's a fine slab of man, and I've got my own... dedication issues to deal with anyhow. And how could I slight a fan-base that offers up a heady delight such as this, a website devoted entirely to Padalecki's ass? I cannot.

In fact, if I had a medal, or one of those large trophies, the ones with the golden cup with the handles, you know the ones, well if I had one of those I would wrap it up in bubble-wrap and ship it off to Proprietors of the The Shrine of Jared Padalecki's Ass, c/o You Are Wicked Awesome. Cuz ya are!!!

The site has a gallery as well and it's... well it's borderline obscene at several points, is what it is! I mean look at this:

Lordy! I love these people.
These are my people! I have found my home.


Taffy said...

Oh My Lord! I can't decide if this is the best thing I've seen all day or the worst thing I've seen all day. I think that I will peruse this website repeatedly, for many, many hours, carefully inspecting each and every pic to help make up my mind!

Joe Reid said...

If it keeps those crazies from writing incest fanfic about Supernatural than so much the better. And that last pic was actually kind of amazing, in a "I pretended to drop my pen so i could stare at J-Pad from underneath the table for three seconds" kind of way.

Branden said...

OMG! Thank you, Jesus for this website!

It's SO wrong, but it's so right

caliban said...

That's the best I've seen in years^^

Anonymous said...

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Drew said...

I proudly admit I am one of those people. Welcome to the club :)
We have t-shirts (not kidding...)

We're gonna require that you actually start watching the show soon though. Its not so bad once you get past the acting and (most of the) dialogue. You have to admit though, for the CW its not that bad. I mean, have you ever seen "Vampire Diaries"? I rest my case.

And Joe, whats so wrong with Wincest (yes, it has a name)? I happen to thoroughly enjoy it ;)