Friday, September 18, 2009

And Finally, Jake

I haven't forgotten you, Mr. Gyllenhaal! It's just been relatively quiet with you lately. I blame You Know Who. (But I always do.) You were out with some friends of the male variety at some badminton match or something recently. Where they hit the sickly-colored ball with sticks and shout curse words at little old ladies on the sidelines. I don't know. But there you were, looking adorable. (pics via)

Oh and John McClane and King Leonidas
wre there too, haunting your back-side.

Fucking random.


Wayne B said...

That last pic is hot as hell. Now there's a combo I won't be able to forget. :)

Pax Romano said...

I was wondering when Mr. G. was going to show up here again, I sort of thought you and him had a falling out...glad to see your still obsessed, err, a fan

John said...

I agree Wayne, but he doesn't look good with a beard, stubble, hell yes, sexy. Pax, that's funny.