Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You Know Who I Hate?


The rest of the world! All of of you! Everyone!

But especially the French! Because The Descent: Part 2 opens in France on October fucking 14th, can you believe that shit? Assholes! You don't deserve it! You tried to eat Kermit's legs. I hate you, France.

And then it moves to Argentina on November 19th! Fucking Argentina! Where the Nazis escaped to! Can you believe that shit? I hate you, Argentina.

And then it opens in Russia the very next week! Fucking Russia! I can't even think of anything to say about Russia except it's cold there and that's how lame that bullshit is. Mobsters and shit. I hate you, Russia!

It opens on December 4th in the UK (barf bags!) and Denmark (their prince went crazy!) after that. Hate hate hate! You know where it isn't listed as opening? The fucking United States of America, that's where! Bullshit! Bullshit! We invented Marshmallow Fluff and The War On Terror! We're winners! Not you, World!

I hate you, World.


The world said...

We hate you too.

Wayne B said...

Thank you, this post had me belly laughing in the middle of class.

dri said...

Why don't you hate Brazil? January 15th!

Jason Adams said...

Oh I do! I hate them ever so much! With their soccer. Nobody likes soccer, Brazil! And those nuts they have named after their country are straight up grody, too. Boo Brazil! Boo!

Dale said...

It's weird that it's not opening in the UK first.

Unless it's surprisingly good, I hope the fanbase largely decides to disregard it as canon.

Oooh, there's an advantage of it opening in all these other countries first! If it turns out much better than I expected, I'll be able to go see it when it comes to Aust!

Jason Adams said...

Dale, advanced word on it has actually been shockingly positive. I don't think anyone expects it to be as good as the first one but it's got fertile territory to work with. Monsters + Caves = Scary. Period. Just don't be a godawful filmmaker and get in the way of that formula and it's gotta be at least something spooky enough to warrant thirteen bucks.

That's me being an optimist. It doesn't happen often. CHERISH IT!

Analitico Busca... said...

hey! i'm from argentina!!!
i can't wait to watch it!
haha ;)

looooove the blog by the way, i take your recommendation really seriously, don't know why though...