Monday, August 31, 2009


Who: Michael Stahl-David (Rob from Cloverfield)

Where: Williamsburg waterfront, Grizzly Bear concert
When: Sunday, August 30th - 7pm

How did I never notice how much MSD looks so so very much like a younger, hipster-ier Michael Vartan?

In person it's scarily obvious though. Like I was kind of wondering if Vartan got a bunch of really good plastic surgery to look 10 years younger. MSD was playing soccer in the grass during the concert and the ball kept flying over by me so he kept running right up on top of me, and if the music wasn't glorious enough - it was though; oh it was - that certainly wasn't hurting the overall experience.

ETA Ha, Beyonce and Jay-Z were there too. That picture's right by where I was sitting. Dammit, if I'd seen her I coulda yanked out her weave and run away. Opportunity lost! And supposedly, though they have no picture to prove it, Gerard Butler was there as well. I wonder if he brought his pug named Lolita (so so gay)?


thomwade said...

That wasn't Michael Vartan in Cloverfield?

jenn dlv said...

Thanks for link! Besos!