Thursday, August 06, 2009

RIP John Hughes

Director John Hughes died of a heart attack at 59 years old this morning, and I mean absolutely no disrespect to him by posting a picture of my beloved Jake Ryan instead of posting a picture of him; what that's intended to be is a brief testament to what he gave us. And I don't mean that in an entirely frivolous, ooh-hot-guy-to-ogle way, or at least I don't mean to reduce all that he gave us with his films to only superficiality. Jake Ryan and all the other characters from Sixteen Candles to Ferris Bueller to Pretty In Pink and on, these folks... well they shaped an entire generation. Jake Ryan was The Boy. Molly Ringwald (in all her several incarnations) was The Girl. The Geek and The Outcast and so on, all those designations he tried to blur in The Breakfast Club and all of his movies... he didn't so much blur them as define them. He shaped the way we saw the world and what we wanted to do with that world. How we could change it. So thank you, John, for Jake Ryan and all of them, and rest in peace.


Wayne B said...

Very well-written post. This news made me sadder than Farrah or MJ. He wrote screenplays for a bunch of early-90s family films that were my faves back in the day.

Hugh Man said...

I agree wholeheartedly and I think that if anyone who reads this is anything like me, John Hughes movies represented an ideal universe that always represented happiness incarnated to me.

glutton4punishment said...

Super sad -- I agree with Wayne B. Way sadder (to me) than Michael or Farrah. His films remind me of being a kid.

btw -- I linked to your Danny Dyer post from a couple years back (the one with all the nekkid and half-nekkid pics) for my latest blog post! Found one of the pics on Google Image Search and just went from there. Glad I stumbled upon your page -- good stuff. :-)