Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Am Link

--- Sapphic Moon - So what is Ellen Page doing, if she keeps dropping the cool projects she's been attached to? She dropped out of Drag Me To Hell at the last minute and now she's dropped out of that lesbian-werewolf movie Jack & Diane that she'd been attached to forever. Allison Pill's taking her role, opposite the also-long-attached (and Juno costar of Page's) Olivia Thirlby. I guess Ellen's got Whip It! coming up soon which does seem delightful so I'll cut her some slack. I just miss her really.

--- Oglin Nolan - Hey look, it's the first pictures from anywhere of anything from Chris Nolan's Dark Knight follow-up Inception about which nobody knows nothing and nobody who does know anything is talking. It's some shots of Leo Dicaprio and, hey that girl Ellen Page I was just bitching about, and that's sexy-hot Marion Cotilliard holding a sexy-hot knife there to the left. I think this film's falling in with Nolan's Memento-Prestige series of mind-fuck movies. Which, yes please.

--- Second Wreck - Over at Dread Central they've got a couple new images and a soster for the sequel to that brain-busting Spanish zombie-thon [REC], shockingly called [REC]2, which is playing at the Toronto Film Festival this year! God I wish I were going to that!

--- They All Want Cake - Adam wrote up an impassioned and lovely piece on Sofia Coppola's wholly underrated Marie Antoinette which you should all commit to memory. A fine fine film that got the shaft that year.

--- Ham! - Everybody needs to go and see Ponyo, by the way! I was gonna review it but then I read FourFour's review and just read his, it's what I'd say anyway. It's small and absurd and lovely and one-of-a-kind. Art.

--- 9 Fine - My bud Sean makes some nice points in his praise for District 9.

--- Thus Spaketh The Bear Jew - AICN has a nice long chat with director Eli Roth about his acting in Inglourious Basterds and I found the interview less annoying than I have recent Eli interviews because he didn't ramble about all the projects he's gonna direct again while proving he's nowhere near directing anything at the same time, thus infuriating me. No, he keeps it to Basterds here - and there are supposedly spoilers so beware; I skimmed - and tells how his first real acting role came about through his buddying up with QT. Mostly, all I can think about after skimming this is the forty pounds of muscle he apparently put on for the part. Such a big... bad... boy... Swoon.

--- Oh Haneke - Glenn got out his mixed (yet sort of positive) feelings on Michael Haneke's The White Ribbon over at Stale Popcorn, which he saw at a film festival last week, much to my bedeviled chagrin. He and I... have our differences, let's say... on how we approach a Haneke film, so I imagine my reaction will be different. But who knows, at this point, I haven't seen enough to know. But the things Glenn often doesn't like about Haneke's films are the things I often cherish, so we'll see.

--- And finally, here's a short film starring Allan Hyde, aka Godric from True Blood, in which he's half-to-mostly naked the entire four-plus minutes. It's a lil' creepy and NSFW, but it gives us something the show never gonna give, which is good and gratuitous Godric-ness, so cherish.

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Prospero said...

"Please Stay" was probably the single most fear-of-pain-inducing thing I've ever seen... you are a little sick, JA (but that's why we love you!).

Sean said...

Well, I certainly wasn't expecting that. Yikes!

Unknown said...

"A little creepy"? Holy fuck, JA