Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Am Link

--- Super Serious - Via here (via Nat) comes a bunch of posters for movies playing some upcoming festivals - the one that grabbed my nethers good is the poster for the Coens' A Serious Man seen there to the right - there really hasn't been one misstep by the ad-team working on this film. The trailer gave me goosebumps when I watched it on my computer last week and then I saw it on a big screen last night and it was even goosebumpier and now this poster, which rules. This movie has leapt so high on my Gotta See list in just a week.

--- Bust Them Heroes - Ernie Hudson has joined the cast of Heroes as a detective. AICN delivers this news by bringing up the fact that Mr. Hudson was a Ghostbuster, which he most obviously was/is, but is it wrong that the first character I think of when I think of Ernie Hudson is the mentally-handicapped handyman named Solomon in The Hand That Rocks The Cradle? "Don't fuck with me, retard!" I'm going to Hell.

--- Speaking of Heroes, Milo's running around without his shirt on! Keep to what you know works, fella.

--- Pain: Chaos Reigns - Glenn's been reviewing the titles he saw at MIFF this past week; today he gives us his look at Lars von Trier's Antichrist.

--- Peggy Leads, the rest of us follow - Have y'all been following Nat's just-started series on the pop-culture-of-its-day references in Mad Men? I'm only a casual viewer (the boyfriend's obsessed so I've seen plenty but for some reason just haven't gotten hooked and I have no idea why) but this series, two posts in, is a hoot. A hoot!

--- Gunslinger Gotten - Cinematical reads the tea-leaves with respect to JJ Abrams and his Lost gang maybe making movies out of Stephen King's Dark Tower series once Lost is finished. I guess Carlton & Cuse got the rights from king for just 19 bucks (a number that means something to those that've read the series; I have not), which is something King denied his previous rapt-pupil Frank Darabont. So should I read the Dark Tower series next (after I finish Gaiman's Sandman which I'm plunked down in right now, that is)?

--- Speaking Of Frank Darabont, he's doing fine on his own - he's just signed up to turn the graphic novel series The Walking Dead into a TV show for AMC. Says Variety:

"Project is set among a group of zombie survivors of an apocalypse who are led by a police officer, Rick Grimes, in search of a safe place to live. Numerous editions of the "Walking Dead" graphic novels have been published since 2003.

Joel Stillerman, AMC's senior veep of programming, production and original content, said the project appealed to the cabler because of "the quality of the storytelling" in Kirkman's work. The series will stay faithful to the tone of the original novels, he said.

"This is not about zombies popping out of closets," Stillerman said. "This is a story about survival, and the dynamics of what happens when a group is forced to survive under these circumstances. The world (in 'Walking Dead') is portrayed in a smart, sophisticated way.""

Fuck you, Joel Stillerman; as if there's something inherently wrong, shameful, about wanting to see fucking zombies popping out of closets. I can't wait to count the seconds into the first episode of this show until something jumps out of somewhere. Will your ad campaign be built around a discussion of the politics of survival? Don't piss where you eat, bro, especially when what you're eating is your own damned brains.

Ahem. Wow that came out of nowhere? I was not expecting to rant because otherwise this news is awesome. Love Frank Darabont, love a zombie series for TV. Just hate douchebag execs running their mouths, is all.

--- Witchy Goodness - Slash/Film has some quotes from the chaps behind the Blair Witch series about possible ideas for a third film. They're not saying they're intending on making any of these; they're just some ideas they'd batted around over the past decade.

--- And finally, via Twitch unto us is born the first trailer for a new film made by the dudes that made The Machine Girl and other good-time crazy-ass blood-lettings; this one's... well... behold RoboGeisha! That's all that has to be said. RoboGeisha.



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Unknown said...

I'm on record as loving the Dark Tower series (mostly), so I vote--go read it. BUT, if you're a fan of King's other works, don't expect this to be remotely like anything else.

And a Walking Dead tv series makes me wet.