Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How Gay Gray

In theory a new film version of Oscar Wilde's The Portrait of Dorian Gray - retitled just Dorian Gray for our tweet-friendly times - ought to be right up MNPP's alley. A story with a pedigree as gay as all gay-get-out, a good-looking young actor slipping into Victorian-man fetish-wear - top hats and canes, swoon! Then there's the fact that every male character in the story wants to fuck the brains out of the character being played by said good-looking young actor. A recipe for MNPP success, no? Well meh. Meh to it all! BD's got a new gallery of stills and I just can't much bring myself to care that much.... enough to post apparently, but not to care!

I do like seeing Colin Firth bringing back his upper-crust repressed side like he did opposite Hart Bochner in Apartment Zero though. I just... I wish I were watching Josh Duhamel loll around in his underpants like he did in the horrible 2004 version every time I see anything from this version, honestly. Now that was cinema.

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Wayne B said...

Henry Cavill would've made a great Dorian Gray.