Friday, July 17, 2009

You've Got Your Pick Of The Bilbo


So according to that insidious internet grapevine this morning, there are three names being bandied about for the role of young Bilbo Baggins (played old in The Lord of the Rings trilogy by the delightful Ian Holm, seen above) in Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming pair of flicks based off of The Hobbit. With my thoughts on each, they are:

David Tennant - best known these days for playing Dr. Who, I guess. I'm not terribly familiar with Tennant, I've never watched more then 10 minutes of any Who and other than that... hrm, skimming over his IMDb it appears all I've ever seen him in was his tiny role as "Barty Crouch Jr." in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and I saw Jude when it came out but I doubt I much recall his part as "Drunk Undergraduate." Is that really all I've seen him in? Weird. I'm less familiar with him than I even thought.

Daniel Radcliffe - Miiiiiiister Potter. Sorry, I've still got Alan Rickman's pronunnnnnnciations stuck in my head after watching Half-Blood Prince on Wednesday. Pronounced Wed-Nez-Day. Ahem. Danny boy's terrific but I think he might be a bit weighted down here by the other iconic fantasy role he's slighty well known for. But he certainly looks the hobbit and could convincingly be related to Elijah Wood, with those giant blue eyes.

James McAvoy - He's already played a furry woodland fantasy creature. Plus he's adorable and underused. He's so obviously my pick here I can't even pretend not to have a horse in this race. I mean, I love Dan Radcliffe, but he and Tennant have their iconic roles under their belts already. Jim's been waiting for his. This rumor of him landing the role was already floating around ages ago. And he's got the ginormous blue eyes too.

But pay my opinions no mind! I want yours:




Anonymous said...

Jamie-Boy FTW!

Mat said...

I was sure Gandalf said something to Bilbo in one of the LOTR movies about him not aging a day, or something. But I guess they're not thinking about bringing him back, then? Ah well. If not, then I would definitely go with James. He's great.

J.D. said...

James McAvoy is my loving husband and I fully support him getting major lead franchise work. As long as there is lots of hobbit nudity, of course.

If not, still him, def.