Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Am Link

--- Blood Vengeance - Via BD comes a bunch of chat with Park Chan-wook on his vampire-priest movie Thirst which opens proper-like (on the coasts at least) this weekend. Go see it! I saw it a couple weeks ago and have been a total flop in writing up my thoughts but honestly... I have to see it again before I do. I've been consumed by guilt over not saying anything yet but it's probably for the best, it's one it's gonna take a bit to wrap my head around. It's good. It's just... complicated. It's, more than his other films I think, a lot less straightforward. It's gonna take another sit-through. And y'all go see it when you can and tell me what you think too!

--- Sex Creeps - I can never resist a good bunch of perverts - Cinematical lists their favorite film sex creeps, and it's a pleasant enough pack of pervs. Coulda shoulda had some Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Happiness or Isabelles Huppert as Erica Kahut in The Piano Teacher - esp[ecially over Viggo in Eastern Promises (Vincent Cassel was way sex-creepier in that movie), but still, James Woods, James Spader and Dennis Hopper make for a shiver-inducing threesome of their own.

--- The Dead Of Winter - Spike Jonze has gotten the rights to a book published earlier this year called Light Boxes by Shane Jones, which is about "a mysterious town that endures a deadly 1,000-day winter." Perhaps to direct next? Dunno. Sounds different for him, though, at least in that broad outline.

--- Spring Back - Both the Nightmare on Elm Street remake and The Wolf Man remake have had their release dates move back a bit in the past couple of days, says Slash/Film: Nightmare opens three weeks later on April 30th, 2010 now, and The Wolf Man has moved all the way from this November to February 12th, 2010. That poor creature's been enduring all sorts of reshoots - I hope it ends up being watchable at least. I had more faith when Mark Romanek was directing than Joe Johnston, but we'll see.

--- And finally, via Electronic Cerebrectomy I found this delight and it made the horror geek in me squeal like a... well, a squealing horror geek (that's a very distinct sound):



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