Monday, July 13, 2009

I Am Link

--- 'Do Not Buy' Alert! - The Watchmen disc coming out next week is a fraud, do not buy it! Via here (via my bud Sean) come the details; they got their hands on a promo flyer inside the new disc promising a really real Director's Cut coming at the end of the year. Wait for that one, everyone. I certainly am gonna, and am glad I put off my pre-order until I knew.

--- Freddy Got Fingered - My bud Glenn over at Stale Popcorn has a real treat for us all today - a new entry in his beloved Cinema of the Absurd series which takes a look at the mother-lode of queer Krueger absurdity that is A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge. This is a deeply weird movie, y'all, that's drenched in repressed homosexual... somethingness... if you've never seen it, you're missing a real pip, lemme tell ya what. And Glenn spotlights all the insanity wonderfully, so check it.

--- Our Oskar - It looks like Kodi Smit Mc-Phee, the little boy in the upcoming adaptation of The Road opposite Viggo, might be the one to snag the role of Oskar in the American version of Let the Right One In (retitled here Let Me In). I thought McPhee was great in Romulus, My Father opposite Eric Bana (little bastards got some luck with his on-screen daddies, eh?) so I'm down with his casting if it's true. He's awkward looking enough to convincingly alienate everyone around him, I think. A lot will depend on getting the right, sufficiently dorky haircut for him.

--- Bella Flop - I hope y'all have been keeping up with Electronic Cerebrectomy's summary of the first Twlight novel. I am so very very thankful to Aaron for doing this for me so I can avoid the eye-raping myself. He's earned himself at least fifty extra virgins in the afterlife.

--- Baby Killer - I was wondering the other day what the deal was with the remake of It's Alive, Larry Cohen's enfant-terrible (ha get it?) movie from the 70s now starring Bijou Phillips as the put-upon mother of a deformed baby monster. Turns out it's a DTV deal, coming out o October 6th. AICN has a sorta fairly positive review up that admits there really isn't any reason for the original to have been remade (or at least this remake doesn't find the reason) but it's not as bad as it might've been either. I'm totally going to watch it when I can.

--- The Wright Man For The Job(s) - Slash/Film is wondering what Edgar Wright will be doing next once he finishes Scott Pilgrim... I hadn't realized so many possibilities lay in wait. Sheesh. He's booked through the next fifty years already. But something very vague called Baby Driver (vague as in we have no real idea what it is) seems to have moved to the front of the line. Hrm.

--- Ciao Chow - Has Stephen Chow really disappeared from the role of Kato in Michel Gondry's The Green Hornet film? That's what it looks like. Boo to that.

--- And finally, I want this frakkin' toaster. (via)

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