Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fanboys in 150 Words or Less

Damn you, Fanboys! I so wanted to like you. You had my love Kristen Bell playing up her nerdy-side, you had Jay Baruchel, you had the horrible Weinsteins doing their manhandling monkey act all over you, trying to water you down and shifting your release date all over the map, which made me come to your defense...

Well damn you double-time Fanboys for making me understand the Weinsteins' point of view! I'm not sure if the version finally released represents what the director really wanted or if it's a compromise, but either way... man this movie is cloying and painfully unfunny. I had to turn to doing other things, balancing my checkbook and getting drunk, in order to finish watching the whole thing.

You made me get drunk, Fanboys. How dare you.

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