Monday, June 22, 2009

Wiggity Wack Wonderland

Via USA Today and Slash/Film here are the first batch of images from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland sequel (yes, apparently it's a sequel to the story we all know):

If you go to the USA Today link you can zoom in and out of those landscape pictures, which is fun for a few seconds. And then the characters (via Slash)...

I don't know why, but Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter looks to me exactly what it would look like if Elijah Wood and Carrot Top had a baby. I mean, am I nuts or does he just really look like Elijah Wood there? With a giant red mane of curls. I don't know. That's all I can think. It's stuck. Meanwhile HBC looks appropriately insane. And I have nothing to say about Hathaway. She doesn'ty really inspire any words. White. Huh.

As for the sequel talk, here's what USA Today is telling us:

"The traditional tale has been freshened with a blast of girl power, courtesy of writer Linda Woolverton (Beauty and the Beast). Alice, 17, attends a party at a Victorian estate only to find she is about to be proposed to in front of hundreds of snooty society types. Off she runs, following a white rabbit into a hole and ending up in Wonderland, a place she visited 10 years before yet doesn't remember.

Among those who welcome her back is the Mad Hatter, a part tailor-made for Johnny Depp as he collaborates with Burton for the seventh time. "This character is off his rocker," Zanuck says.

Aussie actress Mia Wasikowska, 19, best known for HBO's In Treatment, has the coveted title role. "There is something real, honest and sincere about her," Zanuck says. "She's not a typical Hollywood starlet."

There is the usual Burton-esque ghoulishness (Helena Bonham Carter's Red Queen, whose favorite retort is "Off with their heads," has a moat filled with bobbing noggins), but Zanuck assures most kids can handle it. "The book itself is pretty dark," he notes. "This is for little people and people who read it when they were little 50 years ago.""
ETA Here's Matt Lucas as the Tweedles, Dee & Dum,
up close (via):



Steven Altis said...

The resemblance to Elijah Wood is so remarkable that it doesn't seem like it could be an accident. Depp has based a pirate on a real-life rock star, so maybe he's deliberately channeling Wood for the Hatter? That seems more than unlikely, but still... it looks just like him!

Mike said...

I can't begin to tell you how unhappy I am with this. So I'll instead use a sad emoticon:


Viking Zombie Boyfriend said...

Since when were Tweedledee and Tweedledum Sontarrans?

And this is at least the third time (after Ryder and Ricci) that Burton taken a famously brunette actress and given her pale blond hair. What the hell? Tim Burton: the Hot Topic Hitchcock!

Depp playing "kooky" for the umpteenth time leaves me cold. I think he can be a good actor under the right circumstances, but his unending collaborations with Burton are far too self-indulgent and repetitive for me to enjoy them anymore. He needs to work for somebody who will push him outside of his comfort zone (which is, apparently, "kooky").

Er... I guess it's a good thing nobody's forcing me to see this, huh?

Luke the Duke said...

You're an idiot!