Monday, June 22, 2009

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Cheese, check.
Chocolate, check.
Beer, check.
Beer wenches, check.
Yay, it's perfect!

So here's the deal, everybody. In one week and two days I will be flying up up up in the air and going to the magical land of Switzerland for a week. Whee! The only two places outside of the Continental US that I've ever been to are Toronto and Puerto Rico, so this is my first real trip abroad, as the traveling folk like to put it. Abroad! Lil' ol' me! I'm crazy, like psychotically, excited.

But I have a query for you all. We've read the books, we've watch the Travel Channel specials - anybody else think Dhani is a closet case, by the way? - but I'm putting it to you people, my wonderful friends and readers who know things I do not know, often, usually, much much more than I usually know. Always.

I am asking y'all if you've ever been, or know of stuff to do in that glorious Alpine wonderland. Any suggestions? Things we cannot miss? Anything you wanna share will be met with a billion-times-a-billion thank you's.

We leave next Wednesday, and come back the following Thursday... MNPP will be silent as a ghoulless mauseleum for those days, sadly, but y'all should just close your eyes and picture me in lederhosen straddling the Matterhorn while tooting on one of those Ricola pipes. Yay stereotypes!


Anonymous said...

no one has commented because no one else has ever been to Switzerland... because it doesn't exist!!! Ever see Hostel? WAAHAHA

but I hope someone gives you some good tips...

Jason Adams said...

Dude, the post has only been up for like fifteen minutes. And Hostel is set in like Bavaria or some shit. And also, it's a movie! God! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dhani - no family history in wiki, usually means family

Alejandra said...

I've been to Switzerland for about 5 minutes.
All I can say is that it´s amazingly beatifull to go trough, but loses charm if the place you are staying is next to the road and a Mc Donald's sign is all you can see from the hotel window (we had about six hours to go from Marseille to Croatia).
And by the way, take a german dictionary or a mime course... Everybody spoke just german!

Anonymous said...

Get a Rick Steves guidebook. He does a good job telling you what's worth your time and what's not.

Pfangirl said...

I was in Switzerland for a few days last year as part of a Contiki tour. We were in Lucerne for the majority of the time, and drove past Bern on the way out.

You can read my blog post about my Switzerland experiences here:
However, the most fun I had in Switzerland was just wandering around, soaking in the sights. The place is just so perfect it's like being in a theme park. It just doesn't feel real.

In terms of must-do activities, you really need to get yourself up a mountain. For especially spectacular views you can take a a train (with a glass roof) ride through the Alps.

In terms of other things to do, I've always been fond of the Lonely Planet guides for pointing out interesting activities.

caliban said...

Switzerland is beautiful... which city are going to? Bern is very nice...
By the way: Beer is more bavaria than switzerland... so, come visit us in Munich^^

Jason Adams said...

caliban, we're doing a day in Zurich and a day in Bern but the majority of our time will be in Wengen and Interlaken and that area.