Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quote of the Day

There's a nice chat with Scott Evans over at AfterElton today; Evans is probably already tired of being referred to as "Chris Evans' gay brother" but... well that's who he is. He's also an actor, and was seen being offed horribly on Fringe and only by me as a mail-clerk in Confessions of a Shopaholic. He's on some soap-opera now and is about to get a good juicy gay storyline all his own. Anyway, in the middle of the interview comes this, with regards to Scott's relationship with Chris:

AE: is there any sibling rivalry between you two?

Evans: [laughing] No, no rivalry at all. ... There's no rivalry. The only rivalry we ever have is when we play sports or wrestle.

Did he just say... wrestle? Gulp. Dude, you are killing me. Killing me. Killing me.


Rob91316 said...

WHOA! Fish on "One Life To Live" is Chris Evans' gay brother??? I had no idea! This "gay storyline" that's coming up oughta be interesting since Fish has already slept with the town ho and crushed on the show's token black actress.

John T said...

Umm, I need these home videos...NOW!