Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is Justin Theroux Ever Gonna Act Again?


I miss you, Justin Theroux. It's great and all that you've gone and proven yourself as a blockbuster screewnriter with Iron Man 2 and Tropic Thunder, but the world is a sadder place without you - and your zero percent body fat - on-screen.

And now comes word that he's turning to directing again (via):

"Actor/filmmaker Justin Theroux is set to direct "Chief Ron" for Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment reports Variety.

Written by Jordan Roberts, the comedy concerns a conman who claims Mohegan ancestry in an attempt to open a casino and draws inspiration from the true story of Chief Ron Roberts.

Roberts' blonde hair and blue eyes raised skepticism over his ancestral claims but he prevailed in court and is now building a casino in upstate New York."

His last directorial have-at-it, Dedication, with Billy Crudup, was pretty meh, but I'm willing to give him another shot. And at least this maybe means that his BFF Amy Sedaris will always have a place to work.


SeangSTM said...

"you've gone and proven yourself as a blockbuster screewnriter with Iron Man 2"

How can someone have "proven [themselves]" as a successful screenwriter based on a movie that's not been released or been subject to public opinion yet...?

SeangSTM said...

I guess taken literally - as in he's proven himself capable of the title "blockbuster screenwriter" (by writing a screenplay for a movie that will likely make a lot of money), then it makes sense...if not jumping the gun slightly. I withdraw the point.

Jason Adams said...

Yeah, I just meant a screenwriter of blockbusters, and even if it hasn't made a dollar yet Iron Man 2 counts as a blockbuster film if not yet in the box-office sense in the sense that it's sort of become a genre unto itself, i.e. movies that are made for Summer consumption to make enormous money.