Monday, June 22, 2009

I Am Link

--- One Caffeinated Kreuger - From the set of the Nightmare on Elm Street remake last week, New Freddy Jackie Earle Haley posted that pic to the right on his Twitter last week... you might note the knives gently caressing the cup...

--- Twilight Pwned - Thank the heavens for smart-asses - Aaron is suffering so that I may not and reading Stephanie Meyers' Twilight and summarizing it at Electronic Cerebrectomy. So far, Chapter One.

--- Weird Woods - Via here comes three new images of the world in which James Cameron's Avatar takes place. They're actually screen-shots from the video-game for the film so they're not from the film itself, but I imagine this is what the world of the film will look like. It fits with what we've seen so far.

--- Nay Neve - PopWrap got a follow-up from Kevin Williamson himself on his previous frustrated Tweets with regards to Neve's non-involvement with Scream 4. Basically, he admits he yapped and shouldn't have. But Neve's still out.

--- You're Out - Brad Pitt's baseball movie with Steven Soderbergh has been put into turnaround by the studio. Which is okay with me because it didn't sound like the story was gonna offer up any chances for Pitt to be in a jockstrap anyway. Boo! Make that movie and I'll finance it myself!

--- The End Is Nigh, And Pretty - I looove this post of location shots from Romero's Dawn of the Dead over at Arbogast. Beautiful haunting stuff.

--- Let's Do The Cylon Again - io9 has a trailer for the BSG movie-to-come The Plan.

--- And finally, if you want to wish that actress Meryl Streep a happy 60th birthday, The Film Experience is the place to do that. Nat's been celebrating all month, and there's tons to check out. I might do something later today myself if I find the time...

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