Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For The Record...

... Drag Me To Hell is just as much
- if not more - fun on a second viewing.
(my initial reaction --- my review)

So why haven't you even seen it once yet? Yes, you. I am talking to YOU. Look at this box office chart - as of this past Sunday, Drag Me To Hell has made a relatively crummy 39 million dollars in 24 days. If predictions hold up, the brain-fisting that Transformers 2 surely will be is set to make that much within a couple of days. Hours, probably. It's probably already made that off of pre-sales.

And that, my friends, just ain't right.
So I'm blaming you. YOU!

You shame me. You shame me!


Prospero said...

Could not agree more.

Sparky said...

I went and dragged (har har) my housemates along with me to see this movie.

I've never laughed so hard one minute then been so shit scared the next in my life. Drag Me To Hell brought me there.

My housemates were "meh"

So now I'm making them go again.

Even though I didn't like the way it ended.

Anonymous said...

I loved the way it ended. I wanna see it again very very soon.

I think I, too, liked it much better than my friends did. Maybe I need new friends.

Jason Adams said...

You didn't like the ending, Sparky? You're BONKERS! What do you mean by "ending" though? If you mean her dying, then you're bonkers, that was great But I do know a lot of people who didn't like the obviousness of the bait-and-switch with the envelopes; I couldn't quite figure out what the deal with that was myself the first time, meaning why it was done when it was so obvious that that was going to happen that way, but it bothered me less the second time - in fact, I think it was purposefully obvious, that Raimi was just having fun and messing with the conventions some more. Because I still think he upended them - even though I knew the coin and the button had been switched I thought he'd transfer the curse to Mac-dude; I still didn't think he was going to so horrifically kill our heroine in the final seconds of the movie. And YAY to that.

Sparky said...

It wasn't the coin bait and switch (though obvious, I liked the "Argh! No!" factor)

I really wanted it to be her fiance who was dragged to hell... a much more tragic fate for our heroine as her selfishness catches up with her. Maybe the intention was to leave a nasty taste in your brain.

I'm just nitpicking... I'm definitely seeing this film again, and buying the DVD.

Anonymous said...

I take no blame for this. It hasn't opened (and isn't likely to open anytime soon) in my shitty hometown.