Friday, May 29, 2009

Ryan Reynolds Is Captain Excellent


And judging by that picture, that does indeed equal him wearing tights (it also kind of looks like he's about to give Jeff Daniels a blow-job, doesn't it?). Hooray!

I hadn't heard anything of this film called Paper Man until seeing that picture today over at Slash/Film, but once "Ryan Reynolds in tights" grabbed my attention the more I read the more excited about the film I became. Besides those two in the pic the film co-stars the lovely Emma Stone and Lisa Kudrow! Double-to-triple hooray! You can read the film' synopsis at Slash/Film.

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Anonymous said...

Judging from that still, Ryan Reynolds as Captain Excellent could pass for a Live-Action version of Zap Brannigan.

Pass me the brain-bleach, please.