Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Rose De Witt Bukater Was A Stinking Liar


"I'll never let go, Jack," my ass.


Jwise said...

George: I saw "Titanic". So that old woman, she's just a liar, right? Jerry: And a bit of a tramp if you ask me

ryan said...

LOL. Oh, how I adore you JA-- your humor always hits the spot.

hey, off topic but this is HUGE; I don't now if you've been to ‘wet dark hot and wild' lately but they've posted the, I mean THE, most intimate pick yet of my/our Jake and 'you know who'… holding hands, sprawled on the ground. f me, its maddening-- my jealousy is sky rocketing.

semi-seriously, why do I feel this jealousy?? I admit I have quite an affinity for Jake , sure, but I really think its Withersppon in particular that makes me see red, er, is it ‘green eyed’ :). Uhh. While im diggin all the media exposure this “somance” is giving jake, i still really hope his sister's wedding didn't give him any ideas.

I mean, if Jake’s hellbent on celeb marriage/family (can you fuckin imagine baby Jake’s running around)… with a female… can’t it be with someone like Kate Winslet? Someone more edgy and passionate. Someone… someone, not like you know who.

ryan said...


okay, maybe its that i know with that Reese, the chances of Jake getting snapped by the papz totally in the buff (Brad & Gwenie style) while vacationing on some tropical island are slim.

you know Reese would forbid nude sunbathing. she's already put an end to his occasional free-ballin. next i fear she'll take the spandex away too.

im worried JA. I'm really worried. (about myself too ;))

JA said...


Joe Reid said...

You know she can hear you when you say these things, right?