Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy "Sam Raimi's Triumphant Return To Horror Is Here" Day!


Now if any of you saw Drag Me To Hell last night or do see it at some point during the day, don't go spoiling anything for me! Not that this seems like a movie that could be ruined by knowing the plot beforehand or anything - it's all about the ride. I mean, the reviews... they're outta sight! But do feel free to leave some love for it in the comments anyway. I'm seeing it tonight after work and I might die from the anticipation, be resurrected as a snot-spewing ghoul, and then have my head and intestines yanked out by the slow grueling tick-tock of the clock. Come to me, my sweet sweet movie!!! I re-watched Evil Dead 2 for approximately the five billionth time last evening to get myself in the mood and am I ever. Must have now! I'll swallah ya soul, I'll swallah ya soul!

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Anonymous said...

No spoilers, but I will say there's not really any place in the film for me to update I suggest wearing a diaper.