Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't Make Me Like Them!

In Roger Ebert's piece today covering Cannes he talks some about Tarantinto's Inglourious Basterds - he doesn't even come close to reviewing it but it sounds by the little hints he gives that he liked it - which then turns into some stories of young people at the festival, as Tarantino once was, and how impossible it can be to get into screenings. At the end, he tells us this story:

"It happened that at the Tarantino press conference, we were seated near to Harvey Weinstein, who with his brother Bob is releasing the movie. The Weinsteins were once kids here without a ticket. "We were hanging around the stage door, hoping to get in and make our way around to the front," Harvey told me. "An official festival limo pulled up, and Clint Eastwood got out. We probably looked needy. He sized us up, held open the door, and let us in. To this day, we both make it a point to let someone into the Palais."

I refuse to believe it! They're lying to you, Roger! Harvey doesn't do "nice"! They let these poor souls in and then they force them onto the floor an urinate on them and kick them in the shins and scream for security, I know it. Monsters.

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homeslaughter said...

You are now the cook from Cheerleader Camp? Love it