Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Joss Said

The essential PopWrap has word on a Dr. Horrible event in Los Angeles last evening, where Whedon and Fillion and so on were in attendance. A smart person in the audience asked the question on all of our minds: Why you keep running back to get your ass handed to you by Fox, Joss?

"The fact is it is eerily similar in some ways, very different in other ways. And the reason I went back was because of Eliza. And I don't care, she's worth it. There are different people that I'm dealing with [at Fox] and I think they're pretty decent, honest people. Some of them have left recently but some of them are still there. The relationship has always been equitable. It's always been [about] trying to find the show. And it's very different than when it was with Firefly.

"But I will say that probably the worst thing I could have done right before starting Dollhouse was Dr. Horrible. Because it just rolled off us, it just came out from our hearts. We sang and bang that was it. I mean five months total between our first sit down to stream. And then to work so hard and get so lost [on Dollhouse] by a process that, you know, it wasn't being run by bad people or mean people, it's just that grind after the freedom of Dr. Horrible. It made me a much crankier person and a worse boss."

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