Friday, April 24, 2009

Two For The Price Of Two

.He's no Takashi Miike, who makes approximately thirty thousand films a year, but Robert Rodriguez certainly tries his best. He's got that weird-looking kid's flick coming out soon, and then I love how his IMDb page has Sin City 2 listed as "in pre-production" but somehow Sin City 3 is "IN production"... WTF? That makes sense.

Anyway, now via AICN this morning comes a pair of announcements about another two of his next projects. First up, there's this:

"They just fucked with the wrong Mexican!!

It looks like “Machete” will soon be sliced onto more than a single reel!

The unexpectedly deadly day laborer first introduced in my favorite mock “Grindhouse” trailer will now serve as the title character in a feature expected to start shooting in June.

Danny Trejo, who played the title character in the pretend trailer, returns to headline the motion picture.

Robert Rodriguez, who created the trailer, wrote the feature's script and will co-direct with longtime editor Ethan Maniquis."

I'm obviously on Team Thanksgiving when it comes to the Grindhouse trailers, with Edgar Wright's Don't coming in second, but Machete was alright. I'm not terrifically excited about it but Rodriguez might change that once I see some shit from it.

Nextly, he's rebooting a franchise in need of a boot reupped its ass, and this one sounds much cooler to me:

"Robert Rodriguez's PREDATORS officially confirmed today!

Bloody Disgusting got the scoop back in January, but it is official now. Robert Rodriguez is doing a film called PREDATORS, which he's calling a reboot to the series.

I'm hoping it's more reboot and less remake. Anyone remember the Predator script Rodriguez did back in the '90s that never got made? The one that had Dutch scooped up and taken to the PREDATOR homeworld? That was also called PREDATORS, so I wonder how much of that script will be in his reboot."

The wonders that R-Rod could work with the bad-ass Predator monster shivers my timbers something fierce. very exciting. And I love the call-out with the pluralized title to Jim Cameron's Aliens in the world of monster sequels.

But you know, all this is fine and great, but did I miss the bulletin that he's definitely not doing any of the movies he was supposed to be doing with Rose McGowan. Red Sonja, Barbarella, Women In Chains... what happened to those? Are they even together still? I hate to think we live in a world where the studios wouldn't bite at those flicks, but I think that might be the case. Which blows.

I love you, Rose! You're always gonna be a superstar to me.

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Hugh Man said...

Exactly what I want to know! I need red sonja to be a fierce beach!