Wednesday, April 08, 2009

R Is For [REC]

In an article at BD about some recent ratings decisions by the MPAA, they note this:

"... it looks like Sony is finally looking to release the Spanish masterpiece REC later this year as the film was just rated R for "bloody horror violence and language.""

Yes! Of course the link BD offers is useless and I can't find any sort of specific news-release to this effect at MPAA's site. But still, let's keep all of our thousands of appendages crossed from now until this happens, so this happens. Yes! I'd love to see the original [REC] on a big screen in a dark room with other people prone to jumpin'. Killer. The remake Quarantine was plenty good - better than I expected possible - but the original wins, hands-down.

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J.D. said...

FINALLY. Jesus, why has this taken so long?