Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Putting The Bad Front And Center

The two reasons I'm psyched to see The Box are its director, Richard Kelly, and its leading man, James Marsden. So of course the poster (via) looks like this:

Okay, so I always end up liking Cameron Diaz in movies despite myself, but when I'm picking a movie to watch she is not any sort of thing that's drawing me in.

But then, the fact that Fast & Furious made 72 million dollars this weekend seems like a message from an alternate universe to me - an alternate universe of horrors - so I understand the fact that my point of view and the mainstream audience point of view aren't always so much aligned. And Richard Kelly needs a damn successful movie here. So I get it.

Still, I wish the poster even mentioned Kelly or Marsden. I thought we'd gotten past Marsden being a nobody at this point, anyway? Hello, Enchanted and Hairspray! He's like popular and shit. Dude can't catch a damn break.

Then I remember he looks at this in the mirror every day:

And I feel much less sorry for him.

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