Friday, April 17, 2009

Pretty Potter


Another trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has shown up online and I did what I do and took a million and a half screen-grabs from it. But dudes - this one is so chock-full of pretty my eyeballs are bulging. Guessing from the glimpses they're giving us in this trailer, the film has maybe benefited from the extra time its gotten by being delayed to this Summer from last Fall; visually it looks fucking amazing. Seriously - do yourself a favor and click on any of these images and wow yourself. Beautiful.

July 15th! Be here now! Accio!!!


CT said...

I have so much work to do this afternoon, but now all I want to do it curl up with HBP.


Mike z said...

Pretty. But why do so many filmmakers think that CG monsters are scary? Because they're cheap?

Anonymous said...

the girl hoisted into the air reminds me of the seance in Drag Me To Hell.
I can't remember why it's happening in this trailer though.

Jason Adams said...

I can't remember that scene from the book either, anon, but truth be told I really only remember the Big Events that happened in this book, it's been so long since I've read them.

Jason Adams said...

Oh and Mike z, I totally agree on the CG zombies. Imagine what a fleet of Jim Henson creatures rising out of that lake would've looked like? If these movies had come twenty years ago that's what we would've gotten and it would've haunted us all forever.