Monday, April 06, 2009

The Man Of Your Dreams

So by now I think everyone's heard that Jackie Earle Haley's been officially offically cast as the new Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, right? The news came out over the weekend but I wasn't about to come out of my cocoon so I'm late to the party.

I think he's about as good a choice as could've been made outside of Robert Englund doing it again. In fact - and lord knows I love Englund, so do not scream "Heresy!" at me and set me on fire - but I'm actually sort of really very curious to see a different take on the character. Because at the center of Freddy myth there's a really twisted, interesting character's heart beating in there. I'm not implying that Englund never revealed that, he did, repeatedly, throughout the series. But his attachment to the role is so littered with history; it'll be interesting to see all that cut away and just be able to focus back on who Freddy is without all the baggage.

And I maintain that Haley's performance as Rorschach in Watchmen is Oscar-nomination-worthy so really I can't wait to see what he does with Kreuger. Consider me sold, for now.

Anyway, all that aside - what is everyone not noticing that's also part of this story? The fact that Beaver from Veronica Mars was also cast in the movie, that's what! Otherwise known as Kyle Gallner, he was last (not) seen in The Haunting in Connecticut. Beaver!!! Not sure who his character of "Quentin" is. I can't imagine they're having a male lead, are they? Hmm. It's one way to side-step the recasting of Nancy. Not that Heather Langencamp, bless her sweet soul, looms quite as large a recasting road-block as Robert Englund did. ETA I see over at BD that "Quentin" is the remake's take on Johnny Depp's character in the original, i.e. the boyfriend of the female lead.

You can also check out a post by the film's producer Brad Fuller right here, that addresses the news of Haley's casting. He's excited!


Goombardy said...

His name is Cassidy!


I think this means I might actually have to watch this movie now. Sigh.

timothy grant said...

I guess JE Haley is going to get typecast as child-shtupping preverts from here forward, eh?