Monday, April 13, 2009

I Continue To Be A Part Of The Problem


Not that my twelve bucks would've bumped the box office tally for Jody Hill's Observe & Report up to first place status from lowly fourth place (and thereby saved the United States this Hannah Montana endorsing embarrassment we're all facing this morning), but I didn't get to see the movie this weekend like I said I would. My lazy Sunday turned into a really fucking lazy Easter Sunday, where even the thought of leaving the house produced waves of crippling terror. It was so sunny and bright outside, but no. Just no.

So I didn't see the film yet. And I've got Neko Case tonight (Eee!!!) and the boyfriend has other plans tomorrow so it'll be Wednesday at the earliest. Sigh. I have let us all down, and will be throwing myself onto Jake Gyllenhaal's penis a sword promptly.

Did any of y'all see it? Did the scene everyone's talking about offend you too? I am so curious about this maelstrom of PC-riddled offense the film's riled up.

I did sorta make it up to Jody Hill by watching the first three episodes of Eastbound and Down last night though, which - funny fucking stuff, that.

"If there's one thing I hate, it's losing.
If there's two things I hate, it's losing, and getting cancer."


Anonymous said...

My college age nephews didn't like the movie, thought it was stupid.

I saw most of the seen in question on a preview show with the cast on HBO (I think). I agree with the critics.

Joe Reid said...

Not having seen it yet, I think I'm less annoyed by the people taking offense at the scene in question than I am by the people wearing the scene as a badge of honor.

Jason Adams said...

Also not having seen it yet I have no idea (I haven't even watched the red-band trailer in which the scene is apparently featured), but my thinking beforehand leans towards what this article is saying, and I can't imagine ending up very far from it in the end.

I kinda wish I hadn't heard all this hullabaloo before seeing the film though. Now I'll be looking for it and evaluating my response to it as I process it instead of just letting the film work me over as it's supposed to.

Joe Reid said...

I feel like I've already read too much about it to be able to have any genuine reaction to it. Might have to wait for DVD.