Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Am Link

--- By His Hammer - Charlie Hunnam says he's screen-tested for the role of Thor, but they're taking their time figuring stuff out. I love me some Charlie Hunnam but he'd really have to bulk up for this. Like, really. He's in lovely shape but Thor is... very very big. Not that I'm complaining about Charlie getting his muscles on! Far from it.

--- Anna's Number - A dirctor of episodes of "Entourage" has signed on for Anna Faris' next film, called What's Your Number?, which is about:

""Number" centers on a woman who treks through her sexual past to find Mr. Right, exploring the idea of sexual quotas and whether such numbers matter."

--- Strawier Dogs - Somebody thought it was a good idea to green-light a remake of Sam Pekinpah's brutal Straw Dogs? Really? Mkay. Well at least a terrific actor, James Marsden, has signed on, maybe that means... something positive? This just seems insane to me though.

--- Fry the Cat - Stephen Fry has signed on to voice the Cheshire Cat in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. A good choice, I'd say.

--- Thumbs Way Up - Roger Ebert mentions at the end of this interview that he and Richard Roeper (sigh) are going to have an official announcement soon about a new movie-reviewing TV show. Roger has lost the ability to speak so I doubt he'll be an on-screen presence, but this is good news nonetheless for those of us who'd rather have some intelligence behind such an endeavor and not be forced to listen to a star-humping recipient of thoughtless nepotism frat-boy asshole fuck. What, me have strong feelings about whatshisface? Never.

--- And finally, via here comes a very hi-res version that image of heaven from Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones without that tremendously annoying water-mark it had when it appeared earlier this week. I didn't even bother linking to it before because that shit bugs the fuck out of me.


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