Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Am Link

--- Halving Hallows - Harry Potter producer David Heyman and star Daniel Radcliffe hint in the vaguest sense of the word hint at where they took the single book of The Deathly Hallows and split it in order to make it into two films. Says Radcliffe:

"...the end takes place 'at a very tense cliffhanger.'"

'K then. You can also check out some pictures from the now-filming set here. Those kids are so grown up now that I feel like an elderly person. Get me a Metamucil Smoothie, stat!

--- With Love - Why don't nobody ever send me decapitated Barbie heads charred and bloodied and stuffed in plastic bags? That's what I wanna know.

--- There's a pair of curious posts at Cinematical worth checking out - firstly, I don't know if they dubbed these films "Non Sequitur Cinema" themselves or swiped it from somewhere, but I like it. It speaks of films like Crank 2 that exist to stab you in the face with loud sexy ridiculousness rather than do typical storytelling stuff like "make sense."

Secondly, they run down the state of several what they're calling "Goth" movies - among them Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and Julie Delpy's The Countess. Do I have to paint my fingernails black if I wanna see these movies too? Is that what they're saying?

--- It Don't Make No Sense - Chris Evans joining a movie called The Losers is like me moving into an apartment building called The Home For Mentally Stable Success Stories. It don't make no sense!

I guess it's based on a comic (what isn't these days) and co-stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Zoe Saldana. What I need to know is, do Morgan and Evans' characters play enthusiastic homosexual lovers? That's what I need to know. Get me Hollywood on the phone!

--- That Face - Club Silencio singles out the wonderful Laura Dern's greatest attribute. I did this once too. Love.

--- Fire Fight - Slash/Film has got some new images, mostly behind-the-scenes, from Neil Marshall's Centurion.


Adam said...

I love that we've both dedicated posts to Laura Dern's mouth! How niche and yet necessary. Far too often your blog steals thoughts from under me -- which means its perfectly tailored to me. Great (sick, twisted and filthy) minds MUST think alike.

Jason Adams said...

We must! And "how niche and yet necessary" is EXACTLY right. I wouldn't be bothered if a full 50% of the entire internet were set aside for studies of her infinity-shaped mouth-hole, I really really would not at all.

Unknown said...

I don't remember any gay characters in The Losers when I read it. Then again, I don't remember liking The Losers either, so meh.