Friday, April 03, 2009

Gratutitous Sam Witwer

True story (and my apologies to the boyfriend for broadcasting this in such a manner, but it's the only way to get to where we're going): Last night the boyfriend was in the kitchen making dinner, and I was in the living-room... well, not making dinner (sitting on my ass and finishing watching The Children's Hour, if you must know). While cooking he had Smallville playing on the small black-and-white TV we have in the kitchen and I heard him exclaim at the TV, "He's hot." I laughed to myself but forgot to bring it up to him thereafter, so I'm not totally sure whether he was speaking of super-stud Tom Welling (who is indeed hot) or that Doomsday dude Sam Witwer, but I'm gonna go with the latter here because a) I know Witwer was parading around shirtless in last night's Smallville:

And b) I've never spoken of Witwer's hotness - in fact, to some people's chagrin I even (mistakenly) left him off the "Hot Guys of Battlestar" post I did at The Film Experience. Anyway it's about time I did. I don't know. The boyfriend expressed an interest and I do his bidding whenever I can.

So. Sam Witwer. You might know him
as Crashdown from Battlestar:

Or as Doomsday from Smallville:

Or maybe you recall his role as the doomed
(with sexy results) military dude in The Mist:

Whatever the case, I think Mr. Witwer is indeed hot. Good call, maybe, boyfriend! He's apparently also in a band called The Crashtones, and even though I have no idea what they sound like he's giving off some serious Henry Rollins Jr. vibes in these pics:

So yeah. Hi, Sam. Keep truckin' with your bad self.
Here's a few more pics.

Yeah, that last one is him and Tahmoh Penikett...
touching each other... sigh.


Joe Reid said...

Yeah, keep it up with the sarcastic italics tags even though the very existence of this post proves that I was right.

Anonymous said...

OMG. Never heard of him before. My hotness list has fresh meat, and on a Friday, too! Huzzah!

homeslaughter said...


Ross said...

If he would just please stop pursing his lips!

Jason Adams said...

I know, Ross! I didn't really notice it until I put these pictures all together. He's definitely got a "I'm having my picture taken" prepared face that he needs to branch out from.

John said...

I never heard of him either, he's a hottie. I might start watching Smallville (thank god for DVD).

Karen said...

I've really been enjoying his role on Smallville. Gotta check out his band though.

ePastor James said...

You actually forgot his awesomely disturbed guest appearance as the the suspected Ice Truck serial killer on season 1 of Dexter.

And I've wanted to see him shirtless ever since, so I thank you and my retarded self for googling "shirtless Mathieu Kassovitz" and somehow stumbling onto here ^_^.

kathulhu said...

He's also Darth Vader's apprentice in The Force Unleashed video game.

I'm not going to tell you what I did while looking at these pictures.


Anonymous said...

Holy crumb! I ended up here via Sam Witwer Fans (before that a Being Human site). I loved him on Smallville though and I'm going to start watching Battlestar Gallactica after I finish Caprica. Ooo and I thought he was sexy in The Mist (love that movie) but had no idea who he was.

I can seriously see the Henry Rollins Jr resemblance with the microphone photo. You meant the guy from Black Flag right?

My harddrive is protesting from all this hotness :P

Shelbyyy said...

omgggg i love him he is sooo hot! ..
and i don't know what you guys are talking about with his lips! i think thats so hot!!

Anonymous said...

I would totally suck seed out of his hard sweaty cock, ANYTIME!