Friday, April 03, 2009

Good Morning, World


What sort of exciting shenanigans
will be in store for us today?
Only John Hughes knows!

And yes, this is my third mention of a John Hughes movie in the past week. I don't know, it must be all the bandying around of his name in reviews for Adventureland (opening today!) that I've seen. It's a vibe. Anyway, stay tuned for Curly Sue Week, coming soon!*

Oh and here's something fun! Another poll! Because I've gone poll crazy this week too. It's like polls and John Hughes everywhere. Ever the twain shall meet that ever is nigh. Or whatever. My point is: Which character from The Breakfast Club were you in high school?



You must pick one! I don't want to hear any of that "Oh, we're so much more than our labels" hippie shit!

* Curly Sue Week is never coming.


J.D. said...

The Basket Case without a fucking doubt.

Anonymous said...

So... no jocks or princesses reading MNPP right now? Their loss. Have fun fucking your spouses, assholes.