Thursday, April 16, 2009

Coming To A Comic Book Stand Near You!

Like Buffy and many other brilliant television creations murdered well before their time aka when we ravenous fans were prepared to let go, which yes technically would be never, Pushing Daisies seems to be headed for the pages of the funny-books. Via more of that chat with Bryan Fuller at SciFiWire:

Fuller: We are talking with Marvel Comics right now about a Pushing Daisies series that will essentially cover the back nine episodes. It features Chuck and Ned's fathers as well as fortifying Chuck and Ned's relationships after we shake it up.

SciFiWire: For the comic book, have you nailed down a creative team?

Fuller: I am going to pull together the Pushing Daisies writing staff. It will be run like a writer's room, where I will write the first story, and we will arc out the other issues, which will comprise what we were going to do in the back nine. We'll also make it accessible for those who are not familiar with the TV series, as well as introducing villains we couldn't do on ABC. There is a villain from the Comic-Con preview comic about a guy who got his head cut off. Ned touched it to get some answers; the body came alive too and proceeded to grab his head and get away. We definitely want Head to come back as a big villain.

SciFiWire: Is the comic book considered season 2.5, then?

Fuller: In many respects, it's probably season three. We're going to see a lot of exploration with Ned and his father, which we teased but were never able to make good on. We had George Hamilton save Ned and Chuck, and by having Emerson and Dwight Dixon clean up the whole mess we're going to understand who Dwight was to Chuck and Ned's dad. Dwight will be making a return, and we'll be seeing the adult Eugene Mulchandani and Danny that involves helium smuggling. There's a lot of fun stuff woven into the series that we were intending to pay off that we can now do in the comic-book series. The fans of the show will see a lot of stuff come to fruition, but new fans will have a greater appreciation, too. Since it's Marvel, I would also love for the Pie Maker to touch Captain America.

SciFiWire: When can people expect to see that out on the stands?

Fuller: We are currently negotiating with Warner Brothers to get the comic-book rights, and if they clear it in the next month or so we would hit the ground running immediately to get the issues out. Our first issue could premiere in the fall.

Bryan also teases out the plots of the remaining three Daisies episodes that are supposed to maybe probably air this Summer (before showing up on the DVDs) - the ones that I've already seen and reviewed here - so check that, or if you're spoiler-wary beware that.


Joe Reid said...

Oh, "Bryan" teases out the plots, does he? What else is "Bryan" up to these days?

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Somebody's JEALOUS.

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