Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bye, Bea


Man... man. Sadness. Can't believe half of The Golden Girls have left us now. Don't know really what to say. I grew up watching them. They taught me sarcasm and double entendres and a love of cheesecake. I think Bea taught me what a condom was. Love her. Sad.


Prospero said...

From her role as Yenta in Fiddler, to Maude and Golden Girls, a class act, all the way. A comedy legend. She will be missed.

Agnes B said...

I definitely cried twice today. Once for dear Bea. Once for Neko who rocked my world and then promised to be back in the fall.

John said...

I remember watching the Golden Girls on Saturday night when I was in middle school back in the 80's. I've never really seen Maude. I didn't know back then that GG had a big gay following, not until years later that is. Only 2 GG left. Such a shame.